Curl Restoration: How To Revive Your Curls

Published on Sept. 10, 2014
Channel: Mo Knows Hair
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

In this tutorial, I show you how I revive and restore my friend Erica's curls. Erica has been using products that lack the proper balance of proteins and moisture that natural hair needs to be healthy, she also had a host of other bad habits such as washing her hair in hot water, not deep conditioning, and not securing her hair at night with satin or silk accessories. Basically, everything she has been doing has contributed to her hair being dry, brittle and extremely difficult to manage. To help get Erica to a point where detangling takes less than five minutes (it takes her about 45 minutes now), and where her wash-n-go will last up to five days (she gets one day now), I am having her discontinue use of everything she has and asking her to modify her habits and replace her products. See all of my recommendations here: Original music produced by Mellie Blue Branding,