Crossfire Vn - Hacking Issue | Cf Videos On Hold :(

Published on Sept. 8, 2016
Channel: Rsaofant
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

This update introduces one of the WORST ISSUES I've ever seen in CF Vietnam - you CANNOT USE VOTE KICK AT ALL, as doing so results in "Invalid Player Info. Disconnecting. 5_5" error, effectively kicks YOU out of the room instead of whoever you're trying to kick. As a result, hackers and cheaters are SWARMING FFA rooms and gives me no room to make Gameplay at all - even if I could avoid them, people will just ragequit and make the room desert so I can't score any kills. Until this issue is fixed, I regret to announce that I am unable to record CF Videos - so see you guys later (If anyone's still care that is) :( In the mean time, I can make some more Zombie Mode gameplay or Weapon Showcase - let me know if you guys want it or not and I'll see what I can do.