Crime Science; Counterfeiting ~ Demo

Published on July 25, 2009
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

"counterfeit money" "counterfeit money detection" "counterfeit money documentary" "counterfeit money bust" "counterfeit money caught" "counterfeit money scam" "counterfeit money uk" Objective: to understand how to stop people from making copies for personal monetary gain. Materials Needed: ~ Black Light Bulb ~ $1 - $5 - $10 - $20 $Bills$ Step 1) Get a hole of a black light bulb and screw it into a lamp. Find a dark room. Step 2) Move the $Bill$ across the black light till you see the security strip glowing. HOW DOES IT WORK: coming soon... LEARN MORE ABOUT; "Crime Science" 1) Spot A Liar 2) Prevent Your Bike From Being Stolen !!!Counterfeit Money Detector!!! "science experiments" "cool science experiments" "science fair projects" "science experiments for children" "science fair project ideas" "science experiments gone wrong" "science tricks" "science experiments for school" "science fair projects for school" "science experiments to do at home" "science experiments you can do at home" "science experiments explosions" "science experiments cool" "science experiments at home" "science experiments easy" !!!Counterfeit Money Detector!!!