Crab Killing + Cooking Live Crabs Cull Instantly And Humanely Prior To Boiling Dressing And Eating

Published on Dec. 11, 2014
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

How to dispatch a crab instantly and humanely prior to cooking. This method is as humane as possible and will prevent shedding of claws, a common disaster when boiling crab, because losing a claw while cooking will allow too much water inside the crab and spoil the fresh clean ocean taste that only a perfectly fresh cooked crab can bring to the table. My Late Grandfather Francis Field taught us a great deal about preparing fresh fish, game and poultry, having worked all his life on Birmingham Wholesale Market and bringing fresh fish and meat to our family tables. I do hope you enjoy watching my video and I hope my Grandfather's method will help you to enjoy this wonderful bounty from the ocean. Killing a crab is very easy. Underneath, towards the back of the shell, as shown in the video, you will see a small pointed flap. Lift this flap to reveal a small hole in the shell. Using a small diameter screwdriver pierce down through this hole by hitting screwdriver handle sharply with flat of hand or with a heavy object, until you feel it hit the other side of the shell. Wiggle screwdriver around as shown in video. Crab becomes limp and lifeless. Move to front of crab and use same method to pierce between eyes under lip of shell. Turn the crab right side up to drain. Hope you found my video useful. Look forward to addressing comments and hearing your views. Cooking: 1. Using the largest saucepan/fish kettle you have, borrow one if you don't have one large enough. Half fill with fresh water allowing enough room for water displacement when crab is added. Many add salt, which IMO spoils the flavour and makes a healthy dish less so. Bring water to boiling vigorously. 2. Drop the crab in and bring back to the boil 3. When the water comes back to the boil, start timing. 20 minutes for crabs up to 2lb and add 5 minutes per pound over that. 4. When the time is up, carefully pour the hot water into your sink and wash off the crab with fresh water to remove scum from cooking process 5. Allow sufficient time to cool, then follow the preparation / dressing instructions shown in the video. 6 Enjoy this beautiful food. Bon app├ętit Andrew