Count By 10'S Count By 10| Count To 100 | Counting Songs | Jack Hartmann

Published on March 31, 2015

Skip Counting Forward and Back is an educational song that focuses on skip counting by 10’s to 100 and then skip counting back. The upbeat fun Caribbean rhythm makes it easy to also incorporate movements as you count. This is a wonderful brain and body connection for learning and moving. Also, the movements break up the song and video into counting forward segments and counting backward segments. This song counts forward and counts backwards. This great children’s song has the children skip count multiple times, so they really get the opportunity to skip count and move again and again. The repetition aids in the learning and the fun. Children count out loud forward and back as they follow along and move together in the classroom. Children will see the numbers large on screen to reinforce their number recognition. Just follow Jack to learn to skip count forward and back! You can find this math song and other educational songs on my album, ExerSongs. MP3: CD: Facebook Fan Page: Pinterest Boards: Sign-up for our Newsletter to receive exclusive offers: