Computer Build (2015) -- Hardware Overview

Published on May 31, 2016
Channel: Multiboxology
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

This is the hardware overview of my recent build, and I do my best to breakdown why I chose the hardware that I did, and whether or not it was necessary, or a big waste of money. If you have any questions about anything in this video, feel free to leave a comment. If your question pertains to something along the lines of "what should I get for my build," then that is a question much better suited for a public forum where numerous people can provide input, and benefit from the open discussion. Other Related Videos: ------------------------------ New Build (2015) - Old Build (X79) (Building) - Old Build (X79) (Upgrading) - Full Build Spec List w/ Pricing: ------------------------------ ------------------------------ Subscribe - Twitter (Multiboxology) - Twitter (TheRealMiRai) - Blog - Inner Space Referral - If you're a new user who is interested in ISBoxer, then click the above link when signing up and we'll both (yes, both of us) get free subscription time. Disclaimer: I do not receive any money if you sign up with my link, only free subscription time.