Computer Basics 6: Measuring Data Speed

Published on July 17, 2015
Channel: Freecodecamp
Category: Education
Source: Youtube is a community of busy people who learn to code, then practice by building projects for nonprofits. Learn Full-stack JavaScript, build a portfolio, and get great references with our open source community. Follow us on twitter: Follow us on Twitch: Like us on Facebook: Follow Quincy on Quora: Data speed and data size are measured differently. In this video, we cover how data speed is measured. Let's talk about data speed. Data speed, unlike data size, is usually measured in bits per second, whereas size is usually measured in Bits. Once we start talking exponentially, that makes a really big difference. How we talk about speed really depends on what we're talking about. In audio download, we talk about kilobits per second. In internet, we use megabits per second. In network speed, we talk about Gigabits per second (one billion bits per second!). The main takeaway here is that speed is usually measured in bits and size is measured in Bytes. Additionally, if you have an internet speed that says however many bits per second, keep in mind they are talking about something 8 times less than Bytes, how you are thinking about data.