Comics Lettering In Illustrator Pt. 1 : The Basics

Published on Feb. 21, 2012
Channel: Mattcheeart
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Lettering Comics in Adobe Illustrator Pt. 1: The Basics Hey all! Here's a quick(ish) tutorial that shows my basic Illustrator lettering process. This will end up being a multi-part series because there's a lot of ground to cover. But this one hits all the basics such as setting up your file, bringing text into your file, creating word balloons, and my general file set up process. Future videos will include more in depth info about text formatting, more advanced word balloon formations, and exporting/creating final lettered pages for print. The example page you see in this video is from my own webcomic Mastorism. **UPDATE** I realized that I mentioned a download resource for the bubble I used, but I had moved my website since then, and that link was broken. Instead of having to chase that link all over the place, I've gone ahead and just made a video that shows you how to make it yourself in Adobe Illustrator. Check it out: