Comcast Shut Internet Down, Boston B.S. Propaganda Ii

Published on April 16, 2013

After 3 Hours, 3 Phone Calls to Service Dept. Checking With my Neighbor Before the Last Phone Call to See If Their Internet Was Working, and Yes it Was, Same Service Provider, i Call the Last Time and Get Through And Tell them Blatantly to Turn my Box Back on, That i Know Their Computer Shut it Off, Then They Finally Restore Service. Will Post the Original Video Next. NSA Playing Games With Activists and Truthers Through Your Internet Service Providers, Just Like the Police Can Shut Your Individual Cell Phones Down too, Had That Happen Before to Us As Well During a Warrant Serving When We Tried to Call the 911 Dispatch and They Told Us it Wasn't Our Business, That They Were "Conducting Police Business" Hung Up on my Girlfriend and Shut Her Phone Down, Had to Call Sprint to Get it Turned Back on the Next Day. Think You;re Doing Anything They Don't Know About? Think Again