Comcast Business Internet E-Mail Migration Nightmare

Published on Aug. 19, 2017
Channel: R Brown
Source: Youtube

A rant about the recent/ongoing e-mail "migration" going on with Comcast Business internet, plus a mail server fix. I've had Comcast Business internet service for about 10 years. One of the main selling points for choosing that service was their offering a custom business domain with e-mail via IMAP support. Over the last year or so, Comcast has been "migrating" business customers away from the current Microsoft Hosted Exchange e-mail server (mainly for Outlook I assumed) over to Office 365. On the surface this seemed like a good idea. But dig in a little bit and it really means that Comcast is dropping e-mail support and instead forwarding all your business domain e-mails over to Microsoft and the server. And then on top of that, you'll be expected to pay Microsoft for access to those e-mails. On top of that, they have absolutely minimal support for this migration. Once migrated, the Comcast 1-800 support people can no longer help you as they don't have access to the Microsoft servers. Only a tiny group of "Cloud Solutions" support people seem to know what's going on and at that, I only found one fellow there that actually offered any assistance, the other person I talked with was terribly rude and hung up on me. One would think that after apparently doing this Cloud Solutions "migration" since May of 2016 per this forum: They might have figured out how to do it now, 15 months later. But that doesn't seem to be the case. The first reply in that thread says: "You need more people working on support for this service before you start selling this to more customers. This is a nightmare." Comcast Cloud Solutions, IT STILL IS A NIGHTMARE! The "Outlook Assistant" migration tool didn't work for me. It seems to want to log into your old Outlook account and somehow transfer the old password over to the new Office 365 account. As I had no old Outlook account to log into, the assistant was useless. And, if you don't have an Office 365 account to make use of, you are screwed as you can't log in manually and make use of the temporary password. Oh and for you non-Windows/PC users, guess what? The Outlook assistant tool is only for Windows!!! So if you use Outlook from a Mac or tablet/phone, forget trying to use the Outlook Assistant tool. IMAP offers a superior e-mail interface among multiple devices/clients over POP: Google search for "o365 imap": Note that the outgoing (SMTP) server on seems to be configured to only allow outgoing mail from Office 365 and not from any other e-mail client. So I can't use it, instead I use the GMail smtp server ( Comcast Cloud Solutions Marketplace: Why is there no "support" information of any use on the "Help and Support" page? TO be sure, I mis-interpreted the initial "migration" e-mails. But they were so vaguely worded and left out important details, that it was easy to mis-read. Also, later e-mails confirmed my initial read when they said "If you don't use Outlook, disregard this message". Follow up video: - Be sure to rate, comment and share And as always, thanks for watching Intro: Louisiana Fairytale by Austin Rogers