[Cloudnine] In Flames

Published on April 21, 2011
Channel: Thanks86
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

*Watch in HD, play loud* Welp, 4th video is out. I didn't expect to finish it so soon, but apparently I'm starting to get addicted to making videos! D: I tried a lot harder with the editing on this one, played with a lot of effects in Vegas and I'm quite happy with the outcome. I used a heavy metal song, which is different to what I normally use, mostly because Dragon annoyed me to include a heavy metal song, lol. I'm glad to see our server is getting more people, we're having awesome fights, so if you were thinking about joining an ACE / AR private server, don't think about it twice, just jump in this one. Don't bother with the rest, I've already tried them all and they blow. *For that last duel you'll notice I'm not using any air skills and neither is Grey. We always duel without air skills (no TA or BMM) so it's more challenging and we also get to practice our turning :3 Join us at : http://forum.spacenimb.us/ We're also on facebook now: http://www.facebook.com/SpaceNimbusCloudNine Song: Self vs Self by Pendulum feat. In Flames