Clash Of Clans Update October 2017 | Sneak Peek #1 And Update Thoughts | Clash Of Clans Update 2017

Published on Oct. 7, 2017
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

So far it's just for TH11 but I'm really hoping Supercell will give us better updates than just troop levels and defenses. Watch my video of if they keep doing this I think Clash will eventually die: Clash of Clans Will Be DEAD by 2020 | 3 Awesome Ways Supercell can Make Clash Great! -- To find the new updated troops go to Powerbang or CWA they have the developer build so you can see the action. Welcome, you have now joined Clashology School with your Clashologist Halo Okraheads! **Twitch** **How to Support Okra** **My Game ID: #2GUV92QO** **My CWL Clan: *Spartans Legacy* **Twitch** - **Clashologist Halo Okraheads Discord Server** - ​czs9h3b **The Hole Clan ID: #2Q2UYJ0R** - For Regular Solid Clan To Apply: Request and they will decide. **Clan Ice Bears** Australian & USA Clan: #9VGJLCO **Twitter** Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe and share! Music by --- Johnny Mac ---


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