Civil War Eb Alto Trumpet W/ Allan Dean

Published on Jan. 1, 2012
Channel: Randy Cole
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

For more great images and music, please visit: This informative short film brings to life a civil war era trumpet. Noted trumpeter Allan Dean reflects on the 1870's rotary valve, bell-front alto horn in his hands, and provides a beautiful demonstration of its sound and character. Preeminent American trumpeter Allan Dean is a professor of music at the Yale School of Music. Dean's playing style extends well beyond his lauded small brass ensemble work. Besides his longstanding roles in the Summit Brass ensemble, St. Louis Brass Quintet, and Calliope (Renaissance band), Allan Dean is considered an authority on ancient wind instruments such as the cornetto and natural trumpet. He has worked with the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art to record a listening guide for their collection of antique brass, and is a sought after practitioner of early American brass band music. More on Allan Dean: Allan Dean - Eb Alto Trumpet Circa 1870 Recorded Dec. 29th, 2011 Mount Royal United Church Filmed and Edited by Randy Cole Audio Engineer - Bryan Martin