Chinese Phone Watch Manufacturer, Smart Watches For Iphone & Android, Shenzhen Timestar Electronic

Published on May 13, 2014
Category: Sports
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Chinese mobile phone watch manufacturer, smart watches for iphone & android, Shenzhen Timestar Electronic Shenzhen Timestar Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, and it was the former subsidiary of Fiyta Group (Top Brand of Chinese Watch Industry) under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Timestar is the manufacturer of China's first electronic stopwatch, China's Top Brand of electronic timing products, one of the makers of Chinese watch industry quality standards, and the only designated watch supplier of Chinese National Croquet Game. Timestar mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of all types of smart watches, quartz watches, climbing watches, 3D pedometer, stopwatch, croquet watches, GPS locator, heart rate monitor, blood pressure test instruments, intelligent automatic ringer, gifts and other smart devices. Company Development After 30 years of development, Timestar is developed into the solutions provider, research institute, manufacturer and vendor of a full range of timing products across upstream & downstream, and our businesses are covering the whole industry chain. Timestar established a number of affiliated companies, including the electronic resolution design and development center Hong Kong Aerospace Group, the watch industry solutions planning center Shenzhen Zhongti Corporate Planning Co., Ltd., the electronic products and accessories agent and distribution company Shenzhen Xingbaiheng Industrial Co., Ltd. the electronic component sales division QCE Tech (HK) Co., Limited, and the corporate translation service provider OES (HK) Co., Limited. Sales Channels Depending on 30 years' hard word, Timestar established extensive distribution channels. It has 26 provincial agents in China, more than 170 stores and about 6.2 million end consumers. Timestar participates in various national and international exhibitions, including China International Science Fair, Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair, Hong Kong Sporting Goods Show, Shenzhen Culture Fair, Beijing Sports Expo, Shanghai Sporting Goods Show, Guangzhou Sports Fair, Shenzhen Sports Fair, Chengdu Education Equipment Exhibition, etc. Also, Timestar organized and participated in a lot of major games, such as the Third Asian Croquet Tournament, Chinese Croquet Championship, Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, Paralympic Game, Guangdong Disabled Talent Show, etc. Honor 30 years of steady development was awarded numerous national and international awards, including China Famous Products, China Quality and Goodwill Demonstration Company, Chinese Qualified Measuring Instrument Enterprise, Excellent Partners of China International Sporting Goods Show, Advanced Enterprises in Shenzhen, ATC Quality Certification, VCA Quality Certification, Quality Trustworthy Products, China's Outstanding Sporting Goods "Golden Phoenix Award", Consumers Loving Goods, Advanced Croquet Equipment Factory, The Third Grade Enterprise of Metrological Guarantee, etc. Also, Timestar is the members of China Sporting Goods Federation, Hong Kong International Sporting Goods Show, China Educational Equipment Industry Association, China Stationery & Education Sporting Goods Association (CSASGA). In addition, our Chairman Mr. Lu Zhongyuan has won lots of awards for his outstanding achievements and contributions, such as the Most Loving Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship Outstanding Individuals, Disabilities Innovation of Guangdong Province, Re-employment Outstanding Individuals, Disabilities Venture Star, Loving Entrepreneurs, Disabled "Self-Star,", etc. Also, Mr. Lu was met by former Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu for his contribution to China. Prospect Depending on 30 years of operation, although today's market is fiercely competitive, Timestar Electronic still completes a comprehensive, multi-level market layout, and it determines to build a world-class smart watch brand. Looking ahead, we are confident that clear goals, careful planning and efficient execution are the guarantee of success.