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Published on Aug. 8, 2017
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Fried and Tender Chicken Pieces Cooked in a Lucious Red Gravy made up of Red Chillies and a lot of Garlic . For Stock Water: 1 litre Garlic: 1whole Ginger: 1 medium crushed Onion: 1 medium diced Hot Garlic Sauce: Oil: 2 tbsp Garlic: 3 tbsp Red chilli paste:3 tbsp Salt: 1 tsp Pepper: 1 tsp Soya Sauce: 1 tsp Tomato puree: 2 tsp Stock: 4 cup . For Chicken Marination: Chicken: 200gm boneless Salt: 1 tsp Pepper: 1tsp Cornflour : 5 gm Oil for frying Ingredients : Oil: 2 tbsp Garlic: 1 tbsp Onion: 1 large Bellpepper/Capsicum: 1 Salt : 1 tsp Pepper: 1 tsp Hot Garlic Sauce: 4 cups Stock: 4 cups Slurry: 2 1/2 tbsp Spring Onion: 2 tbsp Method: Stock: 1. Add water to a pan and let it boil properly 2. Then add garlic, crushed ginger and onions and stir well. 3. Keep boiling for 45min 4. Strain it and keep it aside. Hot Garlic Sauce: 1. Add oil to the saucepan/ kadai. 2.Add chopped garlic saute it till brown. 3. Add red chilli paste, salt and pepper to it. 4. Add soya sauce to it. 5. Add tomato puree, stock and mix well. P.S: Check the flavour if the taste is raw then add more stock. 6. Your Hot Garlic Sauce is ready. Chicken Marination: 1. In a bowl add chicken, salt and pepper and keep for 45 min. 2. Then add cornflour to it and deep fry it. Assemble: 1. Take a saucepan add oil to it. 2.Add garlic and saute it well, then add sliced onion, capsicum and salt and pepper. 3.Add hot garlic sauce to it and then add the stock for the consistency. 4. Add fried chicken to it and saute it well. 5. Add slurry for thickening 6. Garnish with chopped spring onions. 7. Serve hot. YOUR CHICKEN IN HOT GARLIC SAUCE IS READY!!!!!!!!!!! If you like the Recipe/Video , Please Like , Subscribe and Share . Do Comment your views and let us know how we can Improve and make the Experience a lot better for our viewers . Connect with Us : Facebook : Instagram : cibo_17 Twitter : CIBO_YouTube