Changes Being Made To Glenwood Drive

Published on July 27, 2012
Category: News & Politics
Source: Youtube

by Lindsay Jackson     Residents on Glenwood Drive in Chattanooga have seen their fair share of wrecks on their street. In fact, two weeks ago there were two wrecks on that road, in the same week! The most recent, which sent three people, including a child, to the hospital. Investigators say driving too fast for conditions likely caused the driver of that car to slam into a home.     After dealing with wrecks like these on their street, people living there wanted something done. Wednesday, we learned that the city of Chattanooga is making some changes. Two major changes are being made on the busy Gleenwood Drive, and while people are happy the city's taking action, they aren't sure those changes are enough. "There used to be a tree over there by that pole. But it's been hit so many times, about a week ago, it just fell!" said Charles Elliott. Charles Elliott has lived on Glenwood drive for about 20 years. He says he's seen plenty of wrecks on his street and he's glad something's finally being done. "The city recently put up black and yellow chevron signs, warning folks that a sharp curve is ahead, but that's not the only improvement they say they plan on making on Glenwood Drive.Chattanooga traffic engineer John Van Winkle says the city will also put down an asphalt treatment. He's says it's similar to repaving and they hope it helps drivers get better traction on the road. But Elliott isn't convinced it's enough. "I think the signs that they put up over there make the individuals that's traveling through there aware that they're going into a curb. But most of the wrecks occur, coming from that direction," Elliott said. Neighbors like Stella Swiney say the wrecks also happen, because people drive too fast."They could be speeding...but the road just needs fixing," said Swiney. Swiney and Elliot boy say these signs might make people slow down at first, but it's not a long term fix. Both believe the real solution to keeping people on Glenwood Drive safe, is to lower the speed limit. "I think the biggest problem is really speeding. People fail the realize when they're coming into that curb there, it's really kinda tricky," said Elliott. As for speed bumps, right now they're not being considered.  Van Winkle says the asphalt treatment will be done to the road possible in the next two to three weeks. They're waiting to the work on Derby Road to be completed before the close another road in that area.