Chalang-Alang Strum To Horse With No Name

Published on Jan. 10, 2014
Channel: Mele Fong
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Learn to play the Chalang-alang Strum for ukulele from teacher and entertainer from Hawaii, Mele Fong, aka Ukulele Mele of Strum up and down evenly in 4/4 time to the 2-chord song, "Horse With No Name." Play along to Mele's husband's accompaniment on u-bass (plug in earphones to your computer to hear better). For private lessons via webcam or online lessons for self-study, visit Are "UKE" having fun yet? Watch, listen, play, the Ukulele Mele Way. Like us on Facebook at, read our blog at, sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter at, and review us on YELP at