Celtic Triskelion Arm Tatoo

Published on April 1, 2011
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Got this for my 40th birthday. The tattoo is a Celtic design that has a variety of meanings. I chose it because of my Scottish heritage. The C, Z, and S in the spirals are the initials of my children. The video is a combination of pics and vids that I took throughout the process, lying on my back and not really seeing what I was filming, so a lot of the angles aren't framed that well. As for the song choice, I just like the song. *EDIT* Realized I never gave a shout-out. Credit for design goes to Pat Fish at www.luckyfish.com She has an awesome portfolio of Celtic designs on her site. Wish I could have flown the 3,000 miles to Santa Barbara to have her do the work personally. Maybe for my next one :)