Catch & Cook 24: Black Sea Bass - One Of The Best Tasting Fish!

Published on July 24, 2017
Channel: Eliasvfishing
Category: Sports
Source: Youtube

This was a slower outing of fishing so I decided to go ahead and prep the catch of the day in a simple whole fish recipe. Black sea bass is regarded by most a prized and well liked food fish. It's white flesh is flaky and sweet and can prepared in countless ways. Daimon and I went to Connecticut for the day and fish with crabs in hopes of Tautog. Daimon got his limit of some nice fish but luck wasn't on my side this day. A lot of small random fish including toadfish and one 18" sea bass. Great way to get out of NYC for the day either way (aside from terrible traffic). Recipe: 1) Legal Size to about 18" Sea Bass 2) Scaled & Gutted 3) Pat Dry Bring to Room Temperature 4) Cut Slits Every 2" 5) Rub Olive Oil 6) Season With Adobo & Fresh Garlic Generously 7) Add Salt if Desired 8) Stuff Cavity with Garlic And Herbs And Round a Tin Foil Ball 9) Stand Up On A High Heat Grill for 20 minutes (I covered it for last 5 minutes) Fancy Fish Scaler - Dexter Knives - Rod used - EliasV Kayak rod by Reels - KastKing Orcas (Discontinued) 15lb Braided Line - My kayak - Filmed on - All shads aside from Gray Mullet back in stock @ and Amazon shortly. Above are Amazon Associate Links