Cashing Checks (By: Chopstix, G-Spot, Swagnificent)

Published on Aug. 28, 2011
Channel: Saturosias
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

DOWNLOAD THE MP3: Lyrics by: Chopstix, G-Spot, Swagnificent Beat by: LYRICS: ******** Chopstix ________ Hey how you doing, the name's Chopstix, best rapper in the world, can't touch this. If you wanna be rapper take some notes, I run this track like Usain Bolt. They say -- how you make so much without degree, I say -- ain't need that shit I'm a fucking G. all the rich guys are my homies, and if you're not rich I say bitch please. got more money than all of Argentina, make it rain, call me Hurricane Katrina. I'm the real shit, the realest around, you're ass is faker than a purse from Chinatown. (Chorus) ________ We be getting money, we got stacks on deck, every single day I be cashing my check. We be doin' work like a corporation, shout out to my homies in the Chopstix nation. Money come to us, we just absorb it, throwing it around like it was in orbit. We be getting money, every minute, now throw your hands up like you just won the pennant. G-Spot _______ Pullin' up to the club, it's G-Spot, girls comin' to me automatic -- robot. Get out of the car with my freaking uzi, after the party we hit the jacuzzi. The girls around me like I was Justin Bieber, My girl's so hot that I caught a fever. Make a lot of money like Kobe Bryant, pull in all the girls without even trying. I be droppin' dimes all the freaking way, for me, all the time is a payday. don't wear Sperrys, I wear Jordans, got 300 on my feet when I'm recording. It's your boy G-Spot, off the chain, I stay on top, I get the brain. G-S-P-O-T, don't make me say it again, I be commin' out the damn bullpen. (Chorus) Swagnificent ____________ Swagnificent in this thing I get a lot of money, I pull all the hoes especially snow bunnies. Stackin' the paper to the fuckin' ceiling, like Lil' Wayne I make a milli. Got my Lambo, ice cream paintjob, so much money look like I had the bank robbed. Keep it flowing in the air again, and again, no $1 bills all I have are Benjamins. You know me, I hustle I ball, if I sat on my wallet I'd be 8 feet tall. got my J's all nice and polished, pull up to my house, big as a college. Got 7 cars in my fucking garage, my girl got a booty like Nicki Minaj. (Chorus)