Carolina'S Birthday At Daytona Beach With Mr & Mrs Nice Rv Living

Published on April 12, 2016
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

We had another great RV living meet up with Mr. and Mrs. Nice. They were great and we are glad we got to spend Carolina;s birthday with them on Daytona Beech, FL. We drove over to Daytona Beech, Florida in the Nice's truck and enjoyed the views and lots of jokes before pulling out onto the beech truck and all. We took an opportunity to take a nice long walk before stopping off to enjoy some wildlife. Daytona Beech was buzzing with life for Spring Break despite it being a little cold. We got to see Pelicans flying over head while we were feeding the sea gulls. We all got the gulls to take pork rinds out of our hands before grabbing a birthday dinner for my little beech babe. You gotta love RV Travel with other RV Geeks.