Can You Make A House Beat Only With A Computer Keyboard? (By Fre3 Fly)

Published on Aug. 11, 2012
Channel: Fre3 Fly
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Cool T-Shirts for EDM Fans, DJ-s & Music Producers: Can you make a House Beat without having expensive gear and a MIDI Keyboard? YES you can, thanks to DubTurbo 2.0. Among its many features, it also allows you to play drums and synths using your computer keyboard. The Drums can be played from the numeric keys 1-9, while the synths and melodies are played from the letters. Besides this, it comes with a huge collection of drums and instruments, allowing you to produce any music style you want. In case you prefere House Music, then the basic elements are: a Kick Drum, a Clap (or a Snare), some Hihats, some Percussion, some Synths and a nice Bass! This will be your basic Beat, and from here you can add some more synths and strings as well as some Vocals. Cool T-Shirts for EDM Fans, DJ-s & Music Producers: