Brewing With Unique Ingredients At Short'S Brewing Company

Published on Aug. 4, 2014
Channel: Ych Hops
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Join YCH HOPS as we visit Short's Brewing Company in Elk Rapids, MI to discuss the importance of creativity in the brewing process, specifically utilizing unique ingredients. To view more videos, SUBSCRIBE: Watch more of the Featured Brewery video series: Watch the Hop Breeding video series: Watch clips from the farm: Get more information online: Like YCH HOPS: Follow YCH HOPS: YCH HOPS Google+: Yakima Chief - Hopunion LinkedIn: YCH HOPS Instagram: YCH HOPS is dedicated to bringing hop and beer enthusiasts engaging videos from the farm and brew kettle. Videos include highlights of hop growing from planting to twining, training, harvesting and processing, and beer industry highlights, featuring breweries from around the world.