Botswana: Men Should Not Be Intimidated By Women’S Success

Published on Aug. 28, 2014
Channel: Gender Links
Source: Youtube

Gaborone, 29 August: Young feminist and designer Thuto Sekate talks to GL about her business Seatbelts and Openspaces, an eco-friendly brand which produces, sustainable products including up-cycled arts and crafts, clothing, and décor made from organic material, old clothes, trash and scrap material. Through her business venture, Sekate aims to make positive social, environmental and ethical changes in her community and eventually hopes to help empower women and provide women with technical and entrepreneurship skills. As a feminist, Sekate says women need to believe in themselves, stop apologising and must not feel pressured to conform to a patriarchal society, and calls on me to realise that feminism is not anti-men and men should not feel intimidated by successful women.