Bommer 1515-603 Louver Door Double Acting Spring Hinge-Light Duty-Zinc Finish

Published on June 20, 2013
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Please find this product at This video is to bring you a closer look at the Bommer 1515-603 Louver Door Double Acting Spring Hinge-Light Duty-Zinc Finish. 1515 is representative of the fact this is a double acting spring hinge consist of the two leafs. This will the leaf that would be attached to the jamb, this will be the leaf that would be attached to the door. This model will be typically mortise to the edge of the door so that this leaf was flush. The 603 stands for the fact this is in a zinc plated finish. Zinc is a nice finish for a couple of reasons, first it's corrosion resistant also is a less expensive version of a chrome finish. There are links to Instructions and Template below this video. They are sold as each so you gonna get a hinge, a package of screws a tension rod and two pins. The Instructions really indicate how to set the tension you turn these clock wise. As you insert the tension pin and rotated you see i can reveal another holes and in one of this holes you will insert the pin as you release the tension on the tension bar it will hold there and tension for that spring will be set. You would that for the leaf that is attached to the frame and you will do that again for the leaf that is attached to the door. That would allow the hinge to act when the door is pushed open allow to go this way back to center and then the door will continue to act back this way. The 1515 is a light duty hinge intended for doors up to 18 pounds. Maximum Door Width: 18" Minimum Door Height: 42" Use two per door if you think you need more add three. The Template shows the formula by what you need to size the net door width based on your frame opening so this is an important aspect. If you can review the Template at this time now it would be good. You can see on the up right corner that is going to be two different dimensions based on on mortising this leaf to the edge or surface mounting. You've got a 1/16" margin that they want you to allow between the edge of the door and the jamb, if you mortising this leaf you gonna allow .187 and if you not mortising you allow .258 so you door size needs to be smaller just on that side alone then you gonna have your B clearance on the opposite side. The B clearance on the lock side it's gonna be two different dimensions as well: 1/4" or 1/8". 1/4" is if you have a square door edge, the door is gonna be able to go in and out so you've gotta to leave 1/4" between the jamb and the door for this to rotate correctly. If you gonna round over the edges of the door you can get that margin over to 1/8" and that's because you are taking the square edge off both of the edges of the door. I've install these many time and if you install one time by looking at the Template you become a pro. If you have any questions by all means let me know i will be happy to help. Available in different finishes. 1515 also available in a hold open feature as well which will be 1515-H. Bommer is made in USA and i am very proud to represent them. If you have any questions regarding Bommer 1515-603 Louver Door Double Acting Spring Hinge-Light Duty-Zinc Finish or any other Bommer product please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.