Bodyguardz Screenguardz Pure With Crown For Iphone 6 Plus: Review And Install

Published on May 19, 2015
Source: Youtube

BodyGuardz takes an different approach to the curved edge to edge screen protector with its ScreenGuardz Pure with The Crown. This is a two part screen protector, made up of a flat section of .4 mm tempered glass that is applied to the phone first, and then a separate rim of curved aluminum which is applied afterwards. The resulting combo should work together to protect the curved edges of your iPhone’s touch screen and should also make breakage to the tempered glass section of the screen protector less likely. However, because of the thickness this screen protector combo adds to the edges of the iPhone, many cases will not fit. In fact, of all the cases I tried, only two would fit with the BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz Pure with The Crown: the Kavaj Dallas and the Adopted Saddle Leather Folio. Installation of this screen protector was a mixed bag. On the one hand, BodyGuardz has included an installer for the glass section of the screen protector, and it works quite well. By helping you position the screen protector correctly over the iPhone, it minimizes the likelihood of misaligned installs. However, once the glass section of the screen protector is in place, the instructions tell you to use the microfiber cloth included with the install kit to remove any remaining bubbles. This was the kiss of death for my installation. The problem with this is that the edges of the tempered glass are slightly sticky, or perhaps just slightly sharp, so that when you rub the microfiber cloth over the screen protector to remove bubbles, you get a great deal of dust from the microfiber cloth collected along the edges of the screen protector. This is problematic if you need to lift up the screen protector to remove a stray dust mote, because more dust will get in, and it is problematic for the install of the aluminum Crown as this newly dusty area is exactly where the Crown is to be adhered. As a result, I ended up with a big, dusty mess for my first install of this screen protector. Fortunately, BodyGuardz had been kind enough to send me two, so I was able to re-do the install, but without the problematic microfiber cloth bubble removal step. Instead, I just used my fingers, and was able to remove all but one bubble with relative ease. Pros: 1. Good oleophobic coating. 2. Covers your entire iPhone touch screen. 3. Nice installer. Cons: 1.Questionable install directions 2. Very limited case compatibility 3. Glass around home button is not beveled and both the glass, and the aluminum Crown section around the home button feel a little bit rough, at least to my sensitive fingers. Conclusion: Overall, I was underwhelmed by this screen protector. It is on the expensive side, at $44.95, but its two part arrangement seems unnecessarily fussy and a little flimsy. I would worry, long term, that the Crown might come off. It’s not a bad screen protector, but there are better options out there. The iLoome ScreenMate Max, for example, also has a curved metal and glass combination, but it is fused together permanently, so there is no concern about the metal section coming loose. And at $32.99, it is considerably cheaper. The same is true for the Aegis 3D Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector. And if you are really into edge to edge screen protection and want to ditch the whole metal and glass combo thing, the Imos Solid EX 3D Corning Glass Screen Protector ($59) and the Cinder Curved Corning Glass Screen Protector (MSRP of $50, but currently available for less via their Indigogo campaign through June 4, 2015) are both solid choices. Like the BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz Pure with The Crown, the Imos, the Aegis and the iLoome are not very case compatible. The Cinder, however, at only .2 mm thick (as opposed to the .4 mm - .55 mm thickness of the other screen protectors mentioned, does fit with quite a few cases. However, as a brand new product from a brand new company, it has basically no track record and should be approached with a degree of caution. You can purchase the BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz Pure with The Crown for iPhone 6 Plus directly from BodyGuardz for $44.95: For a more detailed review, please feel free to check out the review on my review blog: Thanks for watching!