Bleak! Dares Austin Episode 5...Tongue-Tied

Published on April 4, 2012
Channel: Bleakcomedy
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

In May 2011, New York City sketch troupe BLEAK! Comedy traveled cross country for the Austin Sketch Festival to perform their show STOMACHTOWN. To afford this trip, they asked friends, family, and even strangers to purchase dares for BLEAK! to record along the way. Contractually bound here are those dares. BLEAK! Dares Austin: the web series. Episode 4: Who loves fast Food, Bleak! Loves Fast Food! Dares submitted by Travis Helwig, Denise Doyle Chambers, Paul Briganti Sr., & Peter Vigeant Thank you to all who bought dares, gave us money, and/or have supported us for the last five and half years.