Best Stapler For Home And Office

Published on Aug. 13, 2016
Channel: Syyenergy7
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Best STAPLER for Home and Office. I was looking for a good USA made STAPLER that is made out of steel versus plastic. My old Swingline USA made steel stapler is 55 years old and has outlasted a dozen of the newer plastic staplers. Even though the larger companies are making quality staplers in China, I don't want to support any company that exports jobs out of USA. So I opted for a classic All Steel Construction, K1 Stapler by Rapid made in Sweden. The first time I used this stapler was on this video and surprised me how easily it stapled through a couple sheets of thin cardboard. This is an all steel pliers-type stapler than can staple up to 50 sheets of paper with 5/16 inch staples. Likely, this stapler will last many decades, because it's a very high quality stapler.