Best Hair Dye Brands For Red Or Blonde To Dark Black Hair In Store Bought Home Kits For Men & Women

Published on Feb. 9, 2013
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The best hair dye brands aren't created equal with many specifically designed for various natural hair colors for the best results possible like box kits for blonde or dark hair as well as red and brown hair. These at home hair dye boxed sets come with everything you need to do it yourself with the actual dye, tools and instructions. What is the best hair dye? This will depend on the color you're going for and your actual, natural hair color. Some brands make better permanent color formulas while others concentrate on semi-perminent or color shades that can be washed out in the shower. Dip dye hair kits are popular these days as this style is currently in fashion and is a fun look overall for young and hip types. When it comes to color, red, blonde, black, purple, pink and any number of colors you can imagine are popular as people enjoy customizing their look by their mood, for fun or for a Halloween costume. Here are just some of the best hair dye brand names for different types of hair colors: Berina, Bestfavor, BeWild, Clairol, Colortrak, Dariya, Garnier, Godrej, Hair Flairs, Hannah Natural, Harvest Moon, Henna King, Herbal Care, Hinky Imports, Ion, Jerome Russell, John Frieda, Just for Men, KAO Liese, L'Oreal, Light Mountain, Manic Panic, Naturtint, N Rage, Old Glory, Palty, Punky Colour, RefectoCil, Revlon, Special Effects, Splat. If you're unfamiliar with the different brands of hair dyes and don't know where to start your search, check out the products from the best hair dye brands list here, then start checking out the various products, colors and user reviews online. Check Out More Beauty Products in Our Health & Beauty Playlist: Check Out More Best Brand Names in Various Consumer Product Categories in Our Top Rated & Best Brands Playlist: Thanks for watching / reading... -YT/PeepMYSteelo []