Best Affordable Dental Implants At Synergy Dental Clinic In Blackpool Uk

Published on June 1, 2015

Call Synergy Dental Clinic Blackpool today: 01253 348616. Dr Zuber Bagassi, Principal Dental Surgeon at Synergy Dental Clinic in Blackpool, explains Dental Implants. Synergy Dental Clinic 370 Central Drive Blackpool FY1 6LA Tel: 01253 348616 TRANSCRIPT OF DR ZUBER BAGASI'S PRESENTATION What is a Dental Implant? Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root replacement, that replaces missing teeth in the mouth. I have got a model here which I will show you. If you imagine that a tooth has been missing and a tooth has been taken out. An implant is an artificial tooth root very similar to this piece that is made in titanium. It resembles a tooth root and it is surgically inserted into the patient's jaw bone. Once the implant is placed in the jawbone, we then leave it there for a full three months for it to integrate with the bone - allowing the bone cells to integrate with the implant - making it rock solid. After the three months period we place a post into the implant, which is physically screwed in into the implant. An then an artificial crown, normally made in porcelain, is cemented or screwed on top of that. There we have it. Is there any pain? I ask every single patient how their treatment went. Whether they felt any pain or discomfort during and after the procedure? The feedback that I have received is that it's very similar to having a tooth taken out. What is the Success Rate? Research suggests that a dental implant is 95% successful. Successful meaning that an implant has integrated with the bone for over a 5 year period. So that is generally what is classified as success. In my personal practice, so in my own hands, my specific success rate is currently 99.6% ! Dental Advice In any surgery, whether it be in the mouth or outside of the mouth, there are, broadly speaking, two main types of complications. One is to do with trauma. So, trauma to the blood vessels or nerves or any other vital structures. And secondly, infection. We take a lot of diagnostic precautions to ensure that we avoid nerves and blood vessels. A lot of clinical skill is performed to avoid blood vessels and nerves. As well as a very stringent after-care regime for the prevention of infection, which is mainly due to the poor level of oral hygiene - where bacteria proliferates and causes any wound in your body that is healing - to delay that healing process. And exactly the same can be with dental implants. The failure rate at Synergy Dental Clinic is very, very low. Because we follow very, very strict guidelines and protocols. Saving you money! We have put a lot of efforts into keeping our Dental Implants prices low. There are two main reasons for it. One is that we take a less of a profit! Secondly, because we are so successful, in fact one of the leading providers of Dental Implants within the areas of our practices, we can demand better rates from suppliers. We pass that savings onto our patients. ---- LINKS TO THE VIDEO ---- This video channel was created by Find Me Local (UK) Ltd.