Beats Pill Xl Vs. Bose Soundlink Mini (Housetrack)

Published on June 27, 2014
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Although both are completely different type of speakers, nevertheless many asked for a comparison between the Beats Pill XL and Bose Soundlink Mini, so here it is: David vs. Goliath! To tell the truth, I cannot say which is "better". The Beats Pill XL is probably the loudest and most powerful speaker in its class (easily outperforming the iLoud), while the Bose Soundlink Mini is definitely the best in the smaller category. If you don't intend to crank your music to the max all the time, the Bose might be the better choice. But if you need high volume outdoors and distortion-free sound, the Beats Pill XL is definitely the best pick, as currently nothing comes close except all the larger boomboxes. From my personal opinion the Soundlink Mini wins at levels below 50%, the Beats Pill is better above as it really begs for higher volume! The Beats Pill XL has a bit of a sculpted sound. It is quite heavy on bass, but the bass doesn't reach very deep thus resulting in a boomy character. Also treble is pretty harsh and never seems to sound "right". Therefore I chose a housetrack this time, as the sound of the Beats Pill XL seems rather tuned for Dancemusic, Hiphop and such. It doesn't sound that convincing with "normal" music. To show the differences between both speakers I recorded them with matched volume at various levels. In the last part both finally play at their maximum, so that you can hear the relative difference in overall volume between both. I will probably also prepare another similar video with the already known funktrack I usually use most of the time. PS. I would like to do some further comparisons with the Beats Pill XL against some other different speakers. Please let me know which speakers you would like to be chosen. I thought about Big Jambox, UE Boombox, Jabra Solemate MAX, Beats Beatbox portable, etc. Please comment if you have better suggestions. But I cannot promise to be able to compare all of the suggested speakers. Thanks to all for your support!