Batman Arkham Asylum: Playthrough Part 8[Find Dr.Young'S Research Notes Before Joker]

Published on Oct. 14, 2014
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Playlist: Batman Arkham Asylum Playthrough Part 8 Find Dr. Young's Research Notes Before Joker Objectives: -Locate Dr.Young -Search Arkham Mansion to find Dr. Young's research notes before Joker -Rescue the hostages -Investigate Dr. Young's office -Isolate a forensic trail for Dr.Young This is a playthrough of the first Batman Arkham series, playing on the Playstation 3. A road playthrough to Batman Arkham Knight that comes later in 2015. Batman Arkham City Playlist: Batman Arkham Origins Playlist: Game: Batman Arkham Asylum Platform: PS3/Xbox 360/PC Developer: Rocksteady Studios Publisher: DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Games, Eidos Interactive