Bambino Kittens Lilnudist California Sphynx And Bambino Cats

Published on Aug. 19, 2012
Category: Pets & Animals
Source: Youtube

LiLNudists’ catteries amazing hairless and dwarf Bambino and Sphynx cats and kittens. Sphynx are a breed of hairless cats created by a naturally occurring genetic mutation which causes them to be bald. The very rare new hairless cat breed the Bambino cat breed is the direct result of the purposeful breeding between the Sphynx cat and the Munchkin cat. This produces the amazing Bambino who carriers on the naturally occurring traits for hairless-ness from the Sphynx cat, and the trait for short-legs, or dwarfism, from the Munchkin cat. Both breeds are amazingly friendly, loving, social and smart. The both have unique traits of hairlessness, large ears, super smooth skin and YES…. lots of wrinkles! The Bambino walks with a unique little swagger to walk their way right into your heart! Contact us to adopt your new kitty today!!! LiLNudists California (661) 202 – 8337 LiLNudists Florida (321) 537 – 2763 LiLNudists Iowa (641) 750 – 2441