Awesome Video Game Music 50: Mario Rpg Final Boss Music! (Part 2)

Published on Feb. 23, 2009
Channel: Alex Rochon
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

This is it, my FIFTIETH AVGM!!! Just like the Bowser (AVGM 10) and Lavos (AVGM 40) Collections, this AVGM is a collection of every final boss theme from every Mario RPG! Part 2 contains: -Shadow Queen Phase 3 -Elder Princess Shroob -The Ultimate Show -Mario and Luigi 3's final boss theme, which has yet to be released in North America! SPOILERS are in this video, but at least try to listen to M&L3's final boss music, because it's THE BEST I'VE EVER HEARD!!! Seriously, I like it more than 02 and Giratina. Yoko Shimomura, I salute you. Enjoy, and thanks for all the support! :D