Avistar Hobbico Trainer Rc Airplane (Realflight Rc Simulator)

Published on Sept. 22, 2012
Source: Youtube

Avistar Hobbico Trainer Captured from "Realflight" RC Simulator. Simulation Settings -------------------------- Airfield --------- Santa Clara County Skypark Wind direction (deg): 345 Wind velocity (MPS): 4.0 Wind variation (%): 20 Wind gust (%): 15 Turbulence System -------------------------- Turbulence Layer Height (m): 5 Turbulence Strenght Proportion (%): 15 Micro-Turbulence Strenght Proportion (%): 20 Full Graphics, phisics 110, Stall 100. For more information about this R/C Aircraft go to "Hobbico" http://www.hobbico.com/airplanes/hcaa2016.html To download this Aircraft go to "Knife Edge" Swap Pages. http://knifeedge.com/forums/downloads.php