Autumn Hair Tutorials Using Extensions Ad | Coppergardenx

Published on Oct. 21, 2015
Channel: Coppergardenx
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💜 LETS GET THIS TO 100 THUMBS UP! 💜 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. 💜 Vote for me under 'Best Vlog' in Cosmo Blog Awards: --- --- --- --- --- --- Bet you didn't expect a new hair video from me any time soon? I actually really enjoyed creating these two hairstyles. I thought 'Pinterest style' hair would be great to show you, especially with hair extensions because they are so easy to style and Pinterest tutorials can sometimes look a bit daunting and hair extensions are so easy to style when you know how to do it properly. For the hair extensions, I only used three of the tracks towards the bottom of my head and kept the remaining tracks spare just incase. They added an inch or two to the length and made my ombre look much blonder, blending really nicely. My Extensions: 2/18A - Ombre Brunette/ Sweet Dirty Blonde --- --- --- --- --- --- £5 DISCOUNT USING THE CODE 'COPPER5' --- --- --- --- --- --- This video is a paid advertorial, sponsored by 55 Chase. All thoughts are my own. --- --- --- --- --- --- EMAIL: FIND ME ELSEWHERE: [personal style + beauty blog] [twitter] @coppergardenx [instagram] @coppergarden [tumblr] [facebook]