Automatic Welding With The Lonestar System , Pipe Diameter 460 Mm, Wall Thickness 38 Mm

Published on Feb. 7, 2011

Automatic welding with LoneStar system in combination with a EWM Phoenix 522 RC coldArc power source. Material: ASTM A333/A, Pipe Diameter 460 mm, Wall Thickness 50 mm. Welding Position: Pipe Fixed Horizontal 5G / PF Welding proces root pass: 135 / Coldarc variant. The open root pass welded with solid wire, 1.2 mm Welding speed for the root pass more than 18 Cm / min. The Filling and Cover pass with rutile flux cored wire 1.2 mm Welding proces: 136 / FCAW. The welding speed for the Hot Pass, Fill Pass and Cover Pass more than 19 Cm /min Information of the automatic welding system (Lonestar) l The LoneStar Automated Welding System is the latest generation of external welding systems for pipe welding. It offers consistent welding parameter quality control with over 100 programmable welding passes. The LoneStar system incorporates a "bug-and-band" system with external wire feeder and power supply. It offers an easy to use remote user interface controller. The system is very compact in size offering portability and quick installation and set-up. The system is electrically powered from a welding power source eliminating the need for additional power connections and is adaptable to a wide range of power voltages and frequency. The LoneStar system is suitable for high productivity narrow-J bevel GMAW or pulsed GMAW welding process. Due to the system flexibility, users can also utilize factory bevel FCAW with or without gas shielding welding process. The LoneStar system has the ability to perform external root passes with or without copper backing rings. The system can also perform external open gap root for factory bevels. Single LoneStar system can be used from root pass, through hot and fill all the way to the cap pass welding on either side of the pipe. Microcontroller ensures real-time control of welding parameters. The welding parameters are updated in real-time based on actual position of the unit on the pipe. The system offers real-time log of all essential weld parameters for quality assurance purpose or for further data processing. Information of the automatic welding system (Lonestar) l Lastechniek Europa BV Pascalbaan 1 3439 MP, Nieuwegein W - W -- Lastechniek Europa BV (Dependance) Isarweg 4 3198 LP, Europoort (RT) E-mail : Phone : +31 306008340 Phone direct : +31 306008340 Mobile phone : +31 654254258 Fax : +31 306008350