Auto Wah Pedal Demo - Maxon Af-9

Published on March 9, 2012
Channel: Godlykeinc
Category: Music
Source: Youtube - If you're looking for the best auto wah pedal envelope filter, then check out the Maxon AF-9, which takes the most desirable auto-wah and swept filter effects and offers them up in a compact, user-friendly package. When shopping for auto wah pedals, you may be considering the following effects pedals for guitar: danelectro french fries auto wah, ibanez aw7 auto wah, danelectro auto wah, mxr auto wah, auto wah vst, behringer auto wah, ibanez auto wah, mad professor snow white auto wah, mad professor auto wah, bass auto wah, and the snow white auto wah. This is YouTube video demo. Demo video by Camilo Velandia, who is currently touring with Julio Iglesias and Jon Secada.