Audi A3 Making The Most Of The 30 Mph Zone

Published on Sept. 18, 2016
Source: Youtube

This road turns into a 20 mph zone shortly before the suspension bridge; you only have a little bit of driving at a sensible speed before you are forced to drop the road-range inducing, more dangerous, 20 mph. Here we see an audi trying to make the most of it by overtaking a cyclist —with, we must note and praise, plenty of clearance. Unfortunately for the Audi driver, up ahead there is a landrover signalling to come out, and it looks like the A3 is approaching a bit too fast/in the blind spot for them to see. The A3 driver does eventually notice the problem and brake hard. We continue the sequence with a view of the transition to the 20 mph area, where suddenly it becomes a dangerous place where over-confident pedestrians and cycling families mistakenly believe that they are safe and should therefore take part in their walking or cycling hobbies, even on here, an important sunday for important people.