Attorney Matthew Maddox On Social Hosting Laws

Published on March 6, 2017
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

On February 7th, 2017, Attorney Matthew Maddox of The Maddox Law Firm, LLC participated in "Truth & Consequences", a panel discussion aimed towards teenagers and their parents in which experts presented the consequences of underage drinking. Attorney Maddox was invited to participate and inform audience members of the legal consequences of underage drinking. Watch to learn more! For information about Attorney Maddox's future speaking engagements, click here: (203) 972-5861 | Please note: The Maddox Law Firm YouTube videos do not establish an attorney-client relationship with readers or subscribers. The content of The Maddox Law Firm YouTube videos represent only preliminary ideas, concepts and opinions. If you have questions about any YouTube videos, or if you are seeking legal counsel, please contact our office. Thank you.