Attack On Titan Ke$Ha Die Young Parody My Version!With My Characters :)

Published on Oct. 18, 2015
Channel: Penny Johnson
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

Hei guys ,this is my second video on my channel, hope you like it ,and yeah i'm a HUGE FAN OF ATTACK ON TITAN πŸ˜„ and specially i'm a huge fan of Eren Yeager😏......HOPE YOU LIKE IT,BI#HES 😘 The characters here are : Penny(me):Eren ( because i'm like him) James :Jean ( because his a HORSE FACE EITHERπŸ˜‹) Dylan:Marco Eva(IV):Armin Angie:Mikasa Rosie:Hannah Thomas:Thomas XD Leo:Levi Sydney :Sasha Elliot:IDK Song:Die Young (Aot version) NOT MINE !!!!IT'S NOT MY SONG BUT I WISH IT WAS (β•₯_β•₯) BYEEEE