Apush Project-Music Video On 1920S Women Rights And Depression

Published on June 4, 2011
Channel: Lizzy Cruz
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

My group and I had fun making this music video on 1920s womens rights and the great depression! the timing is kinda off at times but we couldnt fix it b4 we had to turn it in, lol. it starts off with us falling asleep b/c we're tired of researching for this project, then we start dreaming about what our project will be like once we're done. then, one of group mates rodamae wakes us up at the end telling us we need to start on the project. the song was written by me, produced by our friend marc, and the video was edited by rodamae and annette. Enjoy the video! Lyrics: E.T. (Rap) I got some dirty clothes I got wrinkly shirts Where's my wife at? So she can get to work. I be waitin, I be patient, I can't take this, "Are you done with breakfast? Here iron my pants?" Welcome to my perfect world Step into reality She doesn't think for herself cause I'm her mentality. Now women on the news here They tellin us to beware They tryna go protest...hey is that my wife out there?! (V1) I can't do anything, He picks out my clothing, cant do any voting. I cant say what I feel, For this very nation, housewife's my occupation. Eat, sleep, please my hubby, Repeating pattern, but nothing really matters and When I...try to speak, Im always shot down cause.. (H) Men rule this whole entire world, I just sit at home and, I close my eyes, Now Im taking a stand, time to fight for womens rights! (C) We are coming on a rise, Gonna do some protests, cause we really want this. Time to get what we need, Wanna be fully free, living for the country. We want our voting rights, Men no need to shun, We're putting up a fight, For Americas women! (B). 19th amendment..Prohibition..Jobs, education. Didn't know what they would say, but everything is going our way, after we risked it all.... Ahhhhhuhhhhhh Look at me Now (Spoken): Aye! Who said cut the music off? I got something to say right now, ok? Leggo! (V1) (Rap) Flappin lookin chick Vamp lookin woman Drinkins so sick Look at my clothing Yeah, yeah, this isn't no toupee, I smoke, drink, dance, vote, and wear makeup erryday. (Sing) I go to parties, in a short dress. My hair was long, I cut it like this. (Rap) Im giddy and take risks...cause Im a flapper. Look at this risk right here, Im becoming a rapper. (C) Look at us now, look at us now. We're making changes. Look at us now, look at us now. Drastic transformations. (V2) Hubby bigger than godzilla cause Im killin every boy who tries to be on this, yes. Better cuff your man if you wit him, I can get him when I do this jazzy dance in my dress. Yes I said it, in my dress, A very short dress you can look I guess, And since we're talking about my dress, All you haters say hi to it, im done! For the First Time (V1) She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart. While Im drinking jack all alone in a local bar, and I can only ask how did we get into this mad situation. How it happened is so frustrating, but we gotta make it work even though these times are hard. "Black Thursday" struck wall street in '29. Ive got a new job now in the unemployment line, and I can only ask how did we get into this mess is it God's test, someone help us put this depression to a rest, cause Im out of work and man these times are hard! (C) And I cant believe the stock prices just plummeted, now my wife's panic stricken, that there's no hope for recovery. People tried to sell their stocks, but they weren't being bout, banks invested, then went bankrupt, then we got the...Great Depression. (B) woah, these times are hard, and theyre making us crazy, someone end this soon yeah yeah yeah yehah.