Animal Kingdom On Iphone!

Published on Sept. 18, 2009
Channel: 沛小超
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Animal Kingdom is an easy-to play board game with beautiful graphics and animations. It's based on a traditional chinese board game. We didn't change the rules but completely re-designed the look of the game! It is joyful by simply watching how pieces move around on the board. It is a challenging game too, and you should feel pround if you can defeat our hardest level AI. Animal Kingdom is perfect for charging your brain in 5 minutes everyday, and you can resume the joy whenever you want. We don't play CHESS, GO or other brain-consuming board games, but we do enjoy playing Animal Kingdom whenever we got 5 minutes. If you like us, ANIMAL KINGDOM is the one for you! NOW TRY OUR LITE VERSION OR HAVE IT WITH ONLY $0.99