Anatomy Of An 80S Hoyts Policy Trailer

Published on Dec. 9, 2016

Australian cinema exhibitor Hoyts had some pretty garish on-screen presentation during the 80s and 90s, and who better to brand your push into the USA than Pike Productions. We've done some sleuthing on this old policy trailer that we remember seeing in the cinemas as kids. Enhancing the blurry copyright message at the start tells us that this was created in 1988. The music track was actually just taken straight from a stock music CD "Touch of a Button" released in 1985 by De Wolfe Production Music. The 3 minute track was edited down to 45 seconds with three simple splices. Add in a few stock sound effects and your soundtrack is done! Pike productions also re-used some of the logo elements to create snipes for trailers and TV. We can only imagine that the horrible music used on these was also just from stock, but our hunting through the archives of De Wolfe Production Music proved futile. Let us know in the comments if you have any more information about these relics of history.