Ampsandsound Casablanca & Stereo 15 Review

Published on Sept. 5, 2015
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Ron from reviews the Amps & Sound Casablanca's and Stereo 15. Both amps offer a soundstage that is true tube magic and anyone searching for holographic goodness wont be disappointed with their purchase. Using the AVA ABX Comparator, I was able to A/B both amps with the press of a button. Spending some time and comparing my notes with what I heard in my A/B tests, I feel extremely confident my impressions are spot on with both offerings. I think the Casablanca’s might throw a wider stage and offers a noticeably blacker background. There were times when swapping back and forth I could hear a noise floor drop, leaving you alone with instruments piercing the leftover silence. Does this make the Casablanca better? Not really and if I’ve left you confused on which one to buy… I apologize but I’m in the same boat. I think the choice of amplifier could come down speaker sensitivity and whats sound signature you are hoping to achieve? Demanding loads or looking for a classic tube experience? Go with the Casablanca’s. Higher sensitivity reaching the mid 90s or want to tame a hotter top end? The Stereo 15 would be my pick. Either way folks, a New Record Day review doesn’t end on a more positive note than this and its for a dang good reason. Ampsandsound is here, they have already arrived. Both the Casablanca’s and Stereo 15 have the highest recommendation that I can possibly give. Music used in this review: Ben Howard Every Kingdom: Of Monsters and Men: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Respighi - Pines of Rome: Dire Straits: