Amazing Day On The Racetrack! Bnsf Ocs, Nebraska Zephyr, Ns, Csx, Etc. 23.09.12

Published on Sept. 24, 2012

Train 1: Amtrak #6, the Chicago-bound 'California Zephyr', is running almost three hours late as it glides east through Western Springs. P42DCs #135, 64 and 170 lead. Train 2: BNSF C44-9Ws #5276 and 5430 lead a manifest eastward on Main 2. SD70MAC #9867 pushes in DPU mode. Train 3: The village's distinctive water tower, restored crossing tower and depot frame the scene as Amtrak #383, the 'Illinois Zephyr' heads west toward Galesburg and Quincy. P42 #114 leads. Train 4: Norfolk Southern ES44ACs #8006 and 8088, part of the same order from GE that included most of the heritage units, ascend one of the Racetrack's rolling hills and blast through Western Springs with a Detroit Edison coal train, running left-handed on Main 3. Train 5: More foreign power: CSX ES44DC #5494 and C40-8W #7308 bring a string of oil cans (not sure if this is ethanol or crude) west on Main 1. Train 6: Cabcar #8588 leads inbound Metra/BNSF train #1320 towards Chicago. One of the emergency exit windows has been opened! An F40PHM-2 and F40PH #105 team up, pushing eastbound. Train 7: Three BNSF Dash-9s, one in H1 paint, bring an eastbound intermodal through on Main 2 Train 8: Metra F40PH #112, the 'Morgan Park', brings an outbound scoot to a stop. Train 9: A brand-new A1A-A1A-trucked ES44C4 leads BNSF's executive train through Western Springs! I had absolutely no idea this OCS was coming through- it was quite the amazing surprise, given that the Nebraska Zephyr was also making its way here any minute! A total of 15 coaches, office and inspection cars, and (I think?) a diner make up the train. Train 10: With another THREE headlights visible, one east and two west, the first turns out to be this empty coal drag, heading east on Main 2 with two GEVOs in the lead, with another as DPU on the rear. Train 11: The second headlight is what we'd all been waiting for- the CB&Q 'Nebraska Zephyr' excursion! The engineer gives us a few toots on E5 #9911A's Leslie horn as the beautiful train rolls east toward Chicago, running an hour or so late, and on a restrictive signal behind the earlier coal train. Train 12: Lighting up the E-unit's exhaust, NS 9131 and a BNSF GEVO lead a westbound manifest on Main 1. Sorry about the blurriness here, my camera doesn't like low light! ~Thanks for watching!~