"All Saints Ascension" By Poi Dog Pondering

Published on Jan. 16, 2015
Channel: Young Anwilde
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

"All Saints Ascension" By Poi Dog Pondering From up-coming Album: "Everybody's got a star" 2015 Available now at: https://poidogpondering.selz.com/item/54b8eb23b798721f188f2b1a " lazy sunday amazing afternoon you came with the rain sucking on your silver spoon I need you I don't want you and you never ask me why you wonder when I'm honest and you know how hard I try you come around here wondering like you don't know what you want I take what I want from you give you everything I got my past is a mystery and my futures unwritten i wanna get high i wanna get deep inside all saints ascension !!! !!!!feelin freee (You're gonna get you moneys worth steal a moment (I'm gonna catch your camera eye !!!!feelin freee I'm gonna get high (i wanna get deep inside) all saint's ascension steal a moment steal a moment steal a moment steal a moment away with me northern light angel bespeckled freckle breasted, I'm cocky when I'm walkin but shaky when I'm tested I paint my self in silver with a card board crown I'm lonely when I'm only but constant in a crowd I'm dynamite and satin a drunkard and a coward I'm a lily in a bed sheet a child who's lost the hour I missed the train while waiting unwilling where I stand I'd put my foot down only if I was certain where it' land I'm quick to click an instant but slow to draw the straw I'll talk about the long line but afraid to make a fall you people with children are so brave! "