Adult Coloring With Ilene Vick: Tanmit Gel Pens 140 Pen Set - How To Tell Which Pen Is What!

Published on Jan. 21, 2017
Channel: Ilene Vick
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

A "quick and dirty" video on how to tell what color is what when you buy the TANMIT 140 Gel Pen Set (plus 120 refills). Unfortunately, they are not labeled on the box or the pens themselves. And by the way, their quality is GREAT. I highly recommend them! Produced by ILene Vick, Masters Degree in Adult Education (M.S.A.Ed.). My focus is on the beginner to intermediate Adult Colorer, so, mixed levels are absolutely WELCOME! My joy is the teaching and sharing with the ultimate goal of instilling the confidence in you to do this stuff. So feel free to share, share, share this information! Be sure to join my FaceBook Group: Adult Coloring With ILene Vick. As always, THANK YOU for supporting me by subscribing and following me. Questions? Comments? e-mail me at