Adamus - Compulsive Thinking, Letting Go Of Illusory Identity, Control, Safety

Published on April 28, 2014

SURRENDER Deep down you would like to move in a total surrender where all your worries are dissolved and you can simply rest. But you are afraid; everybody is afraid of surrendering. Ordinarily we think we are somebody--and we are nothing! What have you got to surrender?--just a bogus ego, just an idea that you are somebody. It is just a fiction. When you surrender the fiction, you become the real. When you surrender that which you don't really have, you become that which you are. But we cling, because for our whole lives we have been trained to be independent. For our whole lives we have been trained, programmed to fight, as if the whole of life is nothing but a struggle to survive. Life is known only when you start surrendering. Then you stop fighting and start enjoying. But in the west, the concept of the ego is very strong, and everybody is trying to conquer something. People even talk of conquering nature; absolutely foolish! We are part of nature how can we conquer it? We can destroy it, we cannot conquer it. That’s the whole of nature is destroyed by and by; the whole ecology is disturbed. There is nothing to conquer. In fact, one has to move with nature, in nature, and-to allow nature to be. osho