A Tribute To Jester Interactive & Codemasters' Music Creation For The Playstation Software Series

Published on Feb. 9, 2009
Channel: Dj Omnimaga
Source: Youtube

This video was originally posted on Halloween 2008, the day Music Creation For The Playstation series turned 10 years old (the first music maker by Jester Interactive having been released on October 31st 1998 on the Playstation 1). This video is a tribute to the entire series of programs used to make music easily, which, despite no longer being produced, is still being used today by a large userbase on both Youtube and TIMGUL, a forum about these softwares. The International Music Generator Users Lounge turned 1 year old only 2 days before Music: Music Creation For The Playstation 10th anniversary. You can find the forum, which, as of February 9th 2009, has over 8000 posts, over 260 members and over 900 freeware songs avaliable for download (all made with Music, Music 2000/MTV Music Generator, MTV Music Generator 2, Pocket Music GBA, Pocket Music GBC, Music 2002 Club Edition: Slinky, Music 3000/Digital Hitz Factory and MTV Music Generator 3: This Is The Remix), right below: I myself created music using this software and it can be downloaded at http://djomnimaga.bandcamp.com . You can also showcase your own music (MTVMG or not) at http://codewalr.us , since we like old school hardware and softwares :)